Write every day.

I should, but I won’t. It’s the best advice that writers give, and the chances of me following it are around zero percent. From time to time, though, this is the space where I will write about various topics of interest to me and probably only me 1. A year or two ago, my work here would’ve been dominated by essays about local government and campaign finance reform, but I am proud to be in recovery from politics.

In the coming weeks, I’m not sure I’ll be equipped to think about anything other than the Mariners making their first real playoff run as long as I’ve been a fan. In long run, I hope to reveal that my brain does have some room for other topics.

Mostly, though, it’s about practice writing in a forum where I know other people can see it 2 and hold me accountable. It’s a place for me to put my thoughts on paper and share ideas about what’s happening in my field.

Feel free to read, and I invite you to chime in. Just don’t be surprised when reviews of social media platforms are followed by poutine recipes and heartfelt sonnets dedicated to Felix Hernandez 3.



  1. On the other hand, there is probably a Seattle Mariners fan into higher education communications, animals, and public transit who is about to have his mind blown.
  2. Even though I know very few will.
  3. Or Kyle Seager.